Valencia (Popout Map) (PopOut Maps)

Suitable for travellers, this pocket-size design comes with durable laminated covers, mapping, graphics, details and icons that make popout[trademark] maps quick and easy to read. It shows museums, places of interest, historic sites, shopping and markets.

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Valencia (Lonely Planet Encounter Guide)

Valencia has over 22km of beaches, 136 art exhibitions and 45 museums. This guide to Valencia includes walking tours that help you to discover the everyday and extraordinary views, as well as special day trips to beauty spots.

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The Rough Guide to India

A guide to India. It covers the major areas, from Delhi’s Paharganj to Havelock Island in the Andamans, with reviews of the best resorts, hotels, restaurants and nightlife for different budgets. It includes practical advice on exploring the various attractions, like the stunning temples, mosques and museums.

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